Tricia Henderson, M.Ed.

I am a graduate of the University of Tennessee at
Chattanooga with a Masters of Education in Community
Counseling and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology.

My experience includes working with individuals, families, and groups. I consider myself to be theoretically eclectic with a concentration in Mind-Body Awareness, Cognitive Behavioral, Person Centered therapy and Gestalt therapy. An area of my expertise is Infertility Counseling.

 I can truly empathize with the difficulties and challenges life may present. My role as a counselor allows me to help others through the many roadblocks and obstacles they face. Being a healthy person emotionally and mentally contributes substance and meaning to life and is a right we each have as individuals.

I believe the therapeutic relationship is a significant and effective method to help individuals, couples, and groups implement positive changes in their lives. I look forward to your phone call: 423-624-8535.


H. James Meginley, Ph.D.
Elizabeth O'Brien, Ph.D.

I am a private practitioner at Alternative Counseling Associates. My past clinical experiences include: community mental health work, school-based counseling with elementary, middle, high and alternative school students, and working in an inpatient psychiatric hospital. I am certified as a Prepare/Enrich premarital counseling facilitator. In addition to my clinical work, I am an associate professor of counselor education, and hold a 200 hour yoga teacher certification.

I have presented internationally and nationally on issues related to marriage and family counseling, counselor supervision and ethical imperatives. I work with individuals across the lifespan, including children, adolescents, adults and families. I look forward to your phone call: 423-624-8535.

I have received my Associates Degree from Monmouth College, New Jersey, in 1965; Bachelor of Science from the University of Tampa, Florida in 1969; Master in Administration and Supervision from Rollins College, Florida, in 1973; and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Southeastern (now Nova) University in Louisiana in 1984 - graduating as valedictorian of my class.


Since 1980 my professional counseling career has assisted thousands of individuals, couples and families in discarding negative self image, dysfunctional ways of relating, and ineffective decision making. With my Doctorate  in Counseling Psychology, and as a Certified Diplomate Sex Therapist, my expertise includes individual concerns, relationship problems, and a variety of human sexuality issues while serving the needs of the L.G.B.T.I.Q.A. Community. I look forward to your phone call: 423-624-8535.

Josh Hynes


As the Accounts Manager, I am here to help you get started as a new client of Alternatives Counseling Associates, and to facilitate your counseling and testing needs. I'll be glad to assist you in managing your account here, and to provide statements, superbills and claim forms so that you can file claims as you desire. It will be my pleasure to schedule your appointments, I look forward to your phone call: 423-624-8535.